Free hemp.

I have some hemp that has some mold on it in the Denver area. I’m going to toss if you think you can use it come pick it up. I’d guess around 250lbs


Partner up with a company that makes isolate and have them process it, they should be able to remove the mold and pesticides after a couple of washes of the isolate. At least it wont be a total waste.


Any COA?

This hemp was left behind in a storage unit she said she would have to throw it out if no one took it.

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bonfire time lol or just compost it, id rather see it turn to compost than some asshat making it into product.

That’s pretty wasteful way to go, considering isolation techniques would produce the exact same isolate as some biomass that was taken care of. It would just present a risk to the operator.


I Agree, I would hate to see it go to waste. If Anyone is interested I can get you more pictures of the affected moldy areas if you’d like.

it is sad that you would even consider processing this stuff lol isolation or not i sure wouldnt want to work in your lab thats for sure smh

I’m guessing you’re the guy that wants nug run distillate


no i just have some core standards that i will not cross just to make a buck especially if it could compromise the health of my workers or customers. I have personally dealt with mold toxicity and spent a long time and a lot of money repairing my health because of it. So i kinda have a different perspective on things.

All you need to do is run a sample batch of a few lbs, then have the finished product lab tested. Drop off 3 samples, label all different batch numbers so the lab worker doesnt get lazy.

Well, some labs are better equip to handle contaminated product. Just because you personally wont touch the stuff doesn’t mean someone who’s equipped to do the job safely shouldnt.


biomass isnt all that expensive, why waste the time when you could have your crew processing clean product? I get it, its free. It also has more mold than cbd by weight, good grief it is compost.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that statement is incorrect. If theres money to be made dont be so surprised/appalled that someone is out there making it.

Still got it? Im starting a homestead and that would make an excellent addition to the compost pile


sure do, i just sent you a dm.