Free aplc - Apollo predictable laboratory control

Free water licensed APPOLLO for complete recipe control. Here’s a place to ask questions what it can or can’t do.

Summit research FREE customer resource software!!!
All previous and future summit research customers who own a TECHNO-HEAT, FRACTION FINDER, OR APPOLLO are at no cost eligible to receive a licensed APLC (ATHENA PREDICTABLE LABORATORY CONTROL) forever, yup we said forever…
That’s absolutely right, full laboratory control with recipes, one touch operation, and complete laboratory process control.
Techno-heat, fraction finder and Apollo has never been easier with this added resource at no cost making this the leading control software for short path distillation.

That was the pitch. It’s free for anyone who owns the hardware that it can hook up to and control.

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How do I get a copy? I have a fraction finder. Thanks

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Just contact us. It will only display the FF read out snippets. The contllong part is with mantles and vacuum but still :-). It can see snippets live.

We will begin passing out serial numbers for free copies of Apollo this week.

Of you have our mantles or hardware you qualify for a free serial.

This can automate your entire process, and also offer trouble shooting and tech support for free to everyone.

We believe suplimental acessories to run your hardware is key in this industry and charging for it is a joke at this time. We want these resources to be available to every customer free of charge.