Franz Cell Diffusion Testing for transdermal patch formula

Im looking for info on this type of testing. Has anyone had their topicals tested? Does anyone know where this testing can be done? Any idea on cost?

Is it DMSO? There was a huge MI recall on DMSO patches from bacterial infections.

We are only in R&D and DMSO is a no go for us.

Wow. Chemical penetration enhancer testing. I haven’t done that since…2003. Wrote a paper on it. Not hard to do at home or in your own lab. Hardest part is getting the skin. I used pig skin - harvested from the belly, cut into 2x4 strips and frozen at -80C.

Here is the lab that I was working in and this paper talks about different CPE and the testing method without having to have more fancy stuff. This won’t get you to an IND from the FDA - but I figure you wouldn’t be asking about it here if that was your path.

Amazingly - we showed that the method works just as good with Franz Diffusion. And we managed to categoried thousands of combinations of CPEs across the skin.

This work I did back then lead to insulin transdermal patches and some other awesome work for large molecule penetration.

Thanks for taking me back to nanotechnology and my love for organic chemistry. <3

If you really want to talk about this more specifically - HMU on the PMs.


Awesome contribution! Any interesting insights from your work?

For me the biggest insight was that percentage concentrations of difference enhancers lead to better outcomes.

Many enhancers are functional alone, but at that functional level you are getting irritation and potentials for infection.

Combined you really see penetration working while also seeing a marked reduction in irritation.

I thought this was crazy since the principles are the same (creating micelles in the skin to get bigger molecules through…) but apparently its isn’t the creation of micelles that causes the irritation, its the immune responses beyond the creation of those micelles that is what causes the issues.

That are a lot of CPEs out there that are seriously old school - like Sodium Laureth Sulfate for instance. They work good, in combination they work so much better. And they are so cheap - meaning combination products where you are not breaking the bank and you still get better outcomes. :slight_smile: