Formulations cannabinoids ratios and terpene profile for cancer treatment, Autism, Epilepsy, Chrone

Thank you. She’s very highly respected. If your research had been published it probably would have made it’s way into her list but it will be now.


nothing published

All I was saying was that if it had been published it probably would have found it’s way to the list. She has already agreed it belongs and I concur. We’ll make this your “peer review”. cligner


That s very nice, i really appreciate

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@oilver710 :pray:.
I can only say after some personal meetings
This guy knows his job
I really appreciated his knowledge sharing
And anyone that wants to formulate something special should contact him it s years and years of knowledge and hands on patient experience you receive


Thank you all the way from Australia, I greatly appreciate having all the case study and formulation data I can get. Sorry to hear about the constabulary, similar troubles happen down this corner of the globe. Rest assured your work will be helping people here.

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i appreciate your words brother , thank you very much.

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Thank you for the spreadsheet @oilver710

Forget Binaca, I need some of this for my health issues:


Does anyone still have that spreadsheet? I can’t seem to find it anymore.

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Formulations:treatments FUTURE.xlsx (77.0 KB)


Cannabis will make autism’s agitation okay but everything else is hit or miss.

Maybe if I quit cannabis for a month or two and restart with only cbd, cbd would help me instead of make me a dick hole.

Idk, it’s hit or miss, you still gotta treat the comorbidities and you’ll end up relying on it.

I rely on cannabis for agitation removal in the mornings, rely on it for a maintenance dose in the afternoon to keep the good feelings going and rely on it to put me to sleep at night.

If I don’t smoke I don’t eat or sleep. If I don’t smoke I don’t smile. If I don’t smoke I’m an asshole.

It’s whatever but you’ll eventually hate yourself.