Forced air oven cold trap

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Anyone using a CDO-28 forced air oven for decarb with a Cascade dry ice cold trap? How is it working out for you?..Im hoping I can some how connect our Across International -40 cold trap to either the exhaust or the calibration port on the back of the oven.

Should I just peace this oven and get a vacuum oven for better term collection?:face_with_monocle:


that oven will fight the cold trap and cook the ice out in no time. You could add a water cooled condenser before the cold trap.I would lyophilize and try to cold trap. what kind of cfm is going to be going through your trap?

17.3cfm comes out the exhaust. However we only use the oven for decarb and I was told by Cascade that exhausting is only required when drying and not for decarbing. So another option was to shut the exhaust and draw air with a vacuum pump from the back of the oven into the cold trap.

what kind of temps did you plan on useing? I would reccomend starting at a low temp, at a certain point you will need to stop collecting because the smell will start to get toward the burned side. a vacccum oven would be more usefull, although not a perfect solution. you could gently heat it under vaccum, and sparge with n2 gas. This would allow you to trap the terpenes and some water.

We decarb around 230F (110C)

i meant for stripping terps.
edit : what oven temp do you plan on useing to drive off the terpenes from the plant material? 230 will make trash out of your terps.

Most likely ill be trying to maintain -40F, which is the cold traps lowest capabilities

that’s the “catch” side. what temp are you driving them off?
ie what are you planning on setting the oven to?

if the plan is to set the oven to 110C, a) the cold trap won’t keep up & b) any terps collected will be wrecked.

yes you drive terps off when decarbing w/heat.
no, you can’t usefully capture them during decarb.

not having tried.

you might have a shot if you use an inert gas (nitrogen or argon) to reduce oxidation of your target.

Yes the plan was to just run a cold trap during our decarb…Cascade says their cold trap works in conjunction with that oven…I was hoping someone here might have tried with a cascade cold trap or other.

if your bent on it start with a cooler cycle and the cold trap. Once you get more than 60-80 c remove the trap and continue to decarb. Velocitys in the trap will be high, it will be hard to trap all the molicules. filtration is another thing to consider here as well.

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I want to clear up any confusion. Who did you speak with at Cascade that gave you info on the coldtrap + decarb oven?

The CDO blows hot air, sometimes hot moist air depending on the humidity of the material. The exhaust hookup is user (/Fire Department) preference if you want that blowing into your lab or not. Humidity if often not a good thing for labs.

CDO = Forced Air oven
CVO = Vacuum oven

The name is very close so there was likely a miscommunication.

The CFM and heat from a CDO while decarbing is way beyond the capabilities of the MAXTRAP50. @Soxhlet pretty much nailed it on the head. The Coldtraps are designed for the CVO series Vacuum ovens. The traps do perform quite well at prolonging maintenance cycles for your vacuum pumps but to be completely honest I haven’t seen anybody re-use the smelly water they collect in a manor I would call ‘clean’. People are also woefully unaware of how much dust and crap their material has on it that ends up in the trap.

Real terp extractors are using microwave or steam distillation.

There are some folks putting plant material in the vacuum ovens mostly for drying purposes, though you will capture terps and water. Again, not in a fashion I would recommend reusing without further post processing.


Thats the reply I have been waiting for. Thanks for clarifying. I won’t be collecting terps off the cdo. I was communicating through email with a sales rep who was quoting me for the dry ice trap.

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thank you for your advice @Soxhlet

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