For Sale Two ETS machine MEP30

For sale two ETS machine for $50K each. Please email to get more information to


Is the building for sale yet?


The building is not for sale

I sent email

Are these still available?

What’s included with each one?

Is it still available? And does it come turnkey? if not what is missing?

When can they be picked up? I have a lift truck on stand bye.

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Still Available for Sale

Both units are available for sale still.

the building for sale yet? With your bad business practices one would assume you would be bankrupt by now @2020longbeach


yes, its still available.

What does each package include? Chiller or heaters avail?

It is still available and comes with the chiller.

You willing to make a deal on it?
Asked you a while back, never heard from.
Contact me

Are your MEPs still for sale?