For Sale... Precision GC 5000 - Gas Compressor

The Precision GC 5000 - Gas Compressor: the most powerful and most reliable recovery solution in the industry!

• UL Listed and C1D1 Compliant

• ATEX and CSA approved

• No air compressor required

• Compliant in all regulated jurisdictions

• Low decibel rating for reduced operating noise

10K, Located in So Cal.


Single or Three-phase?

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That’s a might fine pump you have there Sir!

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I’m just the messenger but I’m checking…

Here’s the spec sheet…

BTW we have three of these for sale…

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Bump. It’s gotta go so we can buy more equipment!!!

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Is this still available?

Yes sir! DM me and I’ll put you in touch with the boss.

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Bump. Still looking for a new home…

Still interested?

Is this available


No lower than 10k?