For Sale: PIG FILTER plus MVP-6CFM

I have a Summit Research PIG Filter that has barely been used = $5,000 obo

I also have a MVP-6cfm (less than 100hrs on it) never been rebuilt and works fantastic
= $9,000 obo

Thank you

Hello. I was wondering if you still had the pig filter for sale? If so where are you located? I’m in Oregon. Have a nice day.

Yes, it’s in Sacramento. I just posted this item.

Ok let me talk to the bosses and I’ll get back with u. Thanks for the reply.


don’t want to F**k this guy, but the summit pig… Pigs get fat… hogs get slaughtered.

This is the “pig”


Mvp still available?

Yes. It’s in sacramento

Bump my post

Do you still have the mvp if so what phase is it?

We do still have it but we decided to keep it until our new chiller option gets in. Its single phase.

Cool when do you think you’ll sell it

Within 60 days… at a low low price. We are moving towards bigger chillers and passive recovery. The pumps eventually block the flow once you’re thermodynamics is in check.

Can you send me a list of equipment and where it is located?

What do you want for the mvp pump

We’re keeping it atm til we upgrade in a couple months

MVP for sale ??

still selling mvp? Im driving through Cali Next month.

Unfortunately we just sold it…