For Sale or JV wanted: Type 7 volatile manufacturing facility in Southern California


License: Manufacturing Type 7 – allows for extraction of cannabis using a volatile or non-volatile solvent. This is not a hemp facility, this is a THC facility licensed by CDPH. The apparatus has passed all engineering field verifications and the facility is currently approved for use with butane, propane and ethanol. This facility includes all aspects of the extraction and/or infusion processes, including processing, preparing, holding, storing, packaging, or labeling of cannabis products. A Distribution Transport-Only license is included in the price.

Distribution Transport License - allows for transportation of cannabis goods between licensees. This license does not allow for sales to retailers, only business to business and transportation between wholesalers.


  • Rent: $3,600/month NNN
  • Lease: 3 YR w/ a 5 YR (Landlord open to a long term lease)
  • Space: 1,200 sq ft
  • Power: 200 AMP 3 Phase
  • Parking: 2 Assigned, plenty of additional parking
  • NON-PROVISIONAL ANNUAL LICENSE expiration April 2021 with option to renew

Equipment List:

The Extraction Apparatus:

  • Precision X10 MSE( approved for butane, propane, and ethanol)
  • Edwards 18 vacuum pump
  • Julabo Heater SL 12
  • Julabo Chiller FP88
  • Haskel Pneumatic pump
  • 10HP Screw air compressor with tank and dryer
  • (Precision sells a turn key X10MSE setup with pumps and chillers for about $175k)
  • Ancillary Equipment:
  • BVV 20L Rotary Evaporator
  • Buchi 2L Rotary Evaporator
  • BVV Vacuum Oven
  • Hochstrom Filtration Apparatus
  • Cryogenic -40C Chest Freezer
  • Fisher Isotemp 3028 Chiller

About the company

“The Company”, is a cannabis concentrate manufacturing company currently licensed North of Los Angeles in Kern County

The Company has a truly turn key and compliant facility, the only thing missing is a solid supply of quality biomass to get profitable. The Company is currently seeking a joint venture, merger or acquisition by a licensed cultivator or retailer.

Please DM me if you might know someone or if you may be able to help.


Where is this located in kern?
I have interested parties

Man thats cheap rent, wish things were that cheap up here.

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I pay even less for more than double the space in San Diego…

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It’s $3/sqft for a metal leanto. Where tf is that cheap lol. That’s top of the market green zone pricing


Cheeto deleto

Compared to here and with equipment thats cheap. Here is about 6-9 with nothing


Interested. Tony 818-371-3400

I agree $3/sqft is a little high in the current marketplace, but a year and a half ago, it was much harder to find a space that would even allow Type 7. Overall, $3600 is still cheap for a stand alone Type 7 location. Early on, all the places were really huge industrial spaces needing lots of build out. I tried to find a shop closer to the Bay Area for a year before settling in the desert. If you were lucky enough to find a location where the landlord would give you a notarized letter for Type 7 manufacturing, you couldn’t find a place for less than 20k per month in the bay


Did you make any progress with this, message me directly please.

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Check your dm I’d like to hop on a phone call!

Interested in lab. DM me when you get a chance to discuss details.

Driving today please call me to discuss

Bump. Would love a GLG partner…

This still has not been fulfilled?!

What exactly are you trying to do, a partnership? Sell? Joint venture? Everyone i showed this too said they didnt know what you are exatly trying to do.

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lol read the first two words of his post

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Someone besides me saw thru the BS post. I bet this is in Cal City, quite a bit past of BFE.


That’s not a lean-to. It doesn’t even have a lean to.


@BG305 you’re right I’m in BFE, but I’m wondering what about this post makes it BS? I have actually had quite a bit of interest but haven’t finalized any deal in writing as of yet. Still looking for someone to make a better offer or partner with the right fit. DM me if you’d like more info we can hop on a call…

What makes it BS…

You are the landlord or the owner of “The Company”?