For sale/lease Industrial building on 2.66 acres approved for legal Cannabis in Phoenix AZ

Description: ±31,500 RSF industrial building on 2.66 acres approved to Cannabis use in Phoenix AZ.
You can expand on the 2.66 acres

  1. Approximately 4,000 SF office/showroom
  2. Three sets of restrooms
  3. Five (5) Ground Level Doors
  4. Fully Fire Sprinklered
  5. Evaporative Cooled
  6. Compressed Air Lines
  7. Natural Gas Available
  8. Extensive Secured Outside Storage

Price/MSRP: $ DM for sale price and monthly lease

If you are looking for an approved industrial building to do a grow, manufacturing/extraction, processing in Phoenix AZ please DM me. It is extremely difficult to find a building and get it approved by Phoenix. You need to buy a building, submit site plan/survey then wait for a variance hearing with the City of Phoenix to see if it gets approved and attach a “Special Use Permit” on the building.

This building went through the variance hearing and was approved to get special use permit for legal cannabis grow, manufacturing aka extraction/infusion, and processing such as prerolls and white labeling.

The AZ cannabis market is completely different than any other states. If you are unfamiliar with the legal AZ cannabis market please feel free to contact me.


The AZ market is totally different market than most states and especially Cali. Hit me up if you have any questions

what are some of the main differences from other states

There are only line 127 licenses in AZ. I would think it would be hard to move commercial property.

Price will probably decline over time

Yeah AZ is very limited in licenses, with most belonging to MSOs. Small farms & processors are being slowly bought/run out and the cost to play in the game is pretty high. Like verticalbiz says it’s hard to get approved in Phoenix itself, AZ generally wants to keep cultivation/processing rural. Retail is fine in city limits: that provides wanted tax revenue.

Off topic I used to buy BM cali weed from a buddy near 43rd Ave/Indian School…sketchy hood for sure but that was 15yrs ago.

can personal growers (<a dozen plants) in AZ sell their harvest to licensed shops?

127 licesnses I believe in AZ with vertical integration.

That’s a god damn blessing if you get one of those golden tickets

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12 million for a rural license.