For Sale-Lab Society G2 Executive Short Path Distillation Kit (12L)

Asking price for Short path kit, vacuum pump, cold trap, and extra accessories: $20,710.00 (not including shipping)

Original purchase price for all equipment: $27,000.00 including tax and shipping

We will sell items separately, please inquire for pricing.

Lab Society G2 Executive Short Path Distillation Kit (12L)

Original purchase price: $13,995.00

Purchased in May 2018, ran in our lab for two months, perfect equipment with tons of upgrades. We purchased different type of machinery for our lab and will not be using the Lab Society 12L Short path distillation kit.

For a complete description, be view the weblink:

System Specifications:

· Batch Capacity: 6000mL (approx. 6600g dewaxed oil)
· Optimum capacity: 3000-4500mL
· Absolute Max. Capacity: 7000mL (approx. 7700g dewaxed oil)
· Main Body Fraction Flow Rate: 1000-2000g/hour
· Batch Duration: 4-8 hours (Estimated)
· *Batch durations are dependent upon primary extraction method, pre-processing methodology and material composition.
· Benchtop Size: 30” x 48” x 32” (not including pump/trap/circulator)
· Distillation Head: PDH-2 (LS-PDH-2)
· American Made Glassware and Controllers

What is included:

LS-Round Bottom Flask, Four Neck, 12,000mL
LS-Single Distribution Adapter - (2)
LS-Thermocouple Adapter Fixed - (3)
LS-Analog Stirring Controller
LS Detachable Condenser - (4)
LS-Temperature Monitor K-type Double
LS-Temperature Controller K-type
LS-Lab Pad 4” - (2)
LS Multi Distribution Adapter, GL-18 - (2)
LS-Packable Distillation Head PDH-2 - (2)
LS-Precision Vacuum Monitor/Gauge
Evaporating Flask 1000mL - (2)
Evaporating Flask 2000mL - (2)
Evaporating Flask 3000mL - (2)
Heating Mantle System
Lab Jack
Stainless Steel 8x8 - (2)
Powder Funnel 150mm (price $60.50 glass chipped – needs replacement)
Round Bottom Flask, Single Neck, 250mL - (2)
Round Bottom Flask, Single Neck, 500mL - (2)
Thermocouple K Type Uncoated 6 in. - (2)
Thermocouple K Type Uncoated 18 in.
Vacuum Grease
Wagner Heat Gun ($27.00 – needs replacement)
All hoses, rods, clamps and connectors

System and electrical parameters:

· Heating Mantles: 1800w, 115V, 15.6 amps.
· Max. System temperature: 260°C (PTFE / PFA Temp. Limit)
· Stirring Motor: 29w, 130V, .22 amps
· Speed Range: 100-1850 rpm
· Vacuum Monitoring: 15w, 100-120V
· Range: .7 mTorr to 800 Torr


· Heating Mantles: CSA
· Controllers: CE / NRTL Constructed with 100% UL and CSA listed parts.
· Stirrer: CE / CSA / NRTL
· Vacuum Gauge: RoHS / CE / NRTL
· Glassware: Meets ASTM Specifications E438, Type 1, Class A, Kimble Kimax or Schott Duran glass.


I’m interested. I don’t need a vacuum pump or any heating/cooling. I am looking for just the distillation apparatus with included flasks/hoses/fittings.

What is the reason you are selling it?

Hello I’m interested in the entire system, please call me or email me at 305-969-2794 thank you

That sounds good to me. We see just upgrading to a wipe film. Feel free to call me anytime.


Can you email me your number to arrange payment of system and pick up, I currently run the same system and this would make a great addition to my lab, or 305-968-2794

Is this setup still available? I know it’s been a minute but I’m in the market for the whole kit.

Is any of this still available?