For sale in Los Angeles

  1. Centrifuges

I. 100L Soak Centrifuge 480V/ 3PH, Sept Siemens PLC
II. 60L soak with Siemens PLC, rotary speed:1500R/MIN, power:220V/3PH
III. 40L Soak Centrifuge With Simens touch Screen

  1. Wipe machine 1

I. 1.22CC, Feeding tank:3Liter with double jacketed Heating,
II. JSCC brand motor 370W magnetic coupling drive Temperature
III. 2 oil heaters (30L, 70L)
IV. 3 Feeding gear pumps
V. 60 CFM Vacuum Pump
VI. 1 diffusion pump,
VII. WV 6000 Chiller, 2 control boxes and
VIII. 1 x GE Chiller

  1. Glass wipe Machine 2

I. 2 oil heaters (30L, 70L)
II. 30 CFM vacuum pump
III. Vacuum Guauge
IV. Controller Unit
V. Diffusion Pump
VI. Glass Cold Trap
VII. 3 Glass Collections

  1. Falling Film

I. 2 x 6’‘X60’’ jacketed column, 8"X60"jacketed spool, 4x60” Preheater
II. 2 x Gas heater,199,000 btu,110V 60Hz,5amps wit
III. Expansion tank and pumps for Falling Film
IV. CE Certified Cooling tower flow rate:12M3/hr, lift: 7 Meter and attachments and 2 CL JSS pumps with 250L water storage tank 2 pumps and Supplies

  1. 100L double jacket glass reactor, Jacketed Volume :30L Motor Power:180w
  2. 50 L Rotovap with Auto riser and Chiller and Vacuum Pump
  3. 20L Rotovap with Auto riser and 220VAC 50Hz,1Phase Water bath 3000kW, 220V
  4. 4 X 50L -30C closed type chiller
  5. 2x 57 L water vacuum pump
  6. 2 x 7.8cuft Oven with 5 individual heating shelves plus 5 removable shelves. FUJI PID
  7. A1 1.9 Cu ft 10Shelf Vacuum Oven with 12CFM pump
  8. 400L Dual jacket tank, 8’’ lid with a handle ,2 pcs of sight glass Light phase component
  9. 3x 100L Dual Jacketed Tank with 6” Lid and glass sight
  10. 12 x (24" x 60") 18-Gauge 304 Stainless Steel tables with Galvanized Legs and Undershelf
  11. 2 x 50L Single jacketed tank
  12. 4 x Heating Pump 30L
  13. 2 X REVCO -80 Degree Freezers


15x 275 Gallon totes 200proof denatured ethanol
2 x 55 gallon glycohexine

About 300 glass items for extraction

100L flasks
50 L 3 hole flasks

40 1 L jars

Brand new items

Vacuum pumps
40 gallon wash ( $13,500 new from extractor Depot)
5 gallon coil chiller vessel brand new ($2,800 from extractor Depot)
2 -30 chillers still in crates

And more

Let me know what you need

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