FOR SALE: BR Instruments: Model 9200 –Fractional spinning band distillation system

Used - B/R Instrument Corp Spinning Band Distillation System. Designed to distill essential oils, natural products, petroleum products and solvents. System Includes: Spinning band column with 22 liter boiling flask, 22 liter heating stirring mantle with insulating hood, Automatic Fraction Collector with (4) -9 liter receivers. Complete vacuum regulation system including vacuum pump, Recirculating bath with Glycol, 3 glass cold traps. Open frame mounting rack with door. Microprocessor Controller, PC, PC Interface and software. Last used in a Cannabis Application. Throughput – 12,000 – 6,000 grams per distillation.

(1) - Spinning band distillation booth
(2) - 22L Boiling Flasks (glass) w/ stir bars
(1) – 22L Heating and stirring mantle
(4) - 9L Collection Flasks
(2) - Collection Flasks
(1) - Spinning Band Column
(4) Glass cold traps
(1) Polyscience AD15R-40-A11B 15L Refrigerated Circulator, Advanced Digital (-40°C)
(1) – Across International – Easy vac-9 (15 Microns) vacuum pump.
(1) 18” Samsung LCD display screen with mouse and keyboard.
DOES NOT INCLUDE COLD FINGER - Dry Ice/EtOH will need to be used for the stainless steel cold trap.

Looking for $50,000 OBO for the unit. We purchased this at $118,000 MSRP. This has been a great piece of equipment for automated distillation (EtOH and BHO) and decarboxylation.

Is this still available?

Yes it is available.