For Sale: 50 L BR Instruments Spinning Band Fractional Distillation system

9200 CODS A 50L

Asking Price: $65,000 or Best Offer. Open to negotiating with serious buyers.

This automatic spinning band distillation system was purchased in 2018 and has been used two times for a total of 15 hours. Located in Lexington, KY. Available for serious buyers to visit on site. Please message me if you are interested.

Key features:

  • Spinning band distillation column
  • 50L heating stirring mantle with insulated hood
  • Four 9L receivers
  • Complete vacuum regulation system
  • Vacuum pump: Edwards RV12
  • Recirculating bath to cool or heat the column condenser as needed
  • Three stainless steel cold traps with Cold Finger
  • Open frame mounting rack with door
  • Microprocessor Controller
  • PC, PC Interface and software

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Is this still avail?

Yes it is

Is this still available?

Yes it is