FOR SALE: 2 Stage CTS KDT6 or 2x Single Stage KDT6

Item Model/Manufacturer: Chemtech Services KDT6 two stage
Description: two individual kdt6 to form a dual-stage system. “STILL 2” has dual cold trap one ran off a julabo and the second with a LN2 insert for a maximum terp devol. One of the Julabo CF41 has been repurposed as a heater for the 50L steel reactor vessel of crude input material plumbed into the feed of the devol still. Upgraded feed/motor on this system. We’ve hit 6kg+hr on a terp cut on this system dependent on input material.

“STILL 1” is used as the final canna pass system with an upgraded LN2 cold trap and upgraded feed/motor. One outlet pump was installed on the distillate side. We’ve hit 5kg/hr distillate cut dependent on the material.

both systems had a full PM kit done earlier this year by an authorized CTS technician.

Price/MSRP: $ 120,000.00
Current location of item: Phoenix, Arizona
Estimated lead time: Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty:



If you want to purchase the system individually, both are priced at 75k/ unit.

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Both systems are fully turnkey and functional. I’ve upgraded to a KD30 that will be installed within the next two weeks. Once that is in both systems will be getting dismantled and put in warehouse storage.

Interested, sent you a message.

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If unit stays west coast I can also include free shipping

Price drop: $120,000.00