FOR SALE: 2 Delta Separations CUP 30 Ethanol Extraction System barely used

2 Delta Separations Cup-30 centrifuges including all of the equipment (kegs, lines, holding tanks, etc).


Material Per Batch 25lbs – 30lbs (11.3kg – 13.6 kg)
Average Run Time 20 minutes
Alcohol Useage Per Run 25 – 30 gallons (94.6 L – 113.6L)
Electrical 208-240V – 30 FLA, three-phase
Variable Frequency Drive 0-1500 RPM
CUP System Dimensions 50″ L x 27.5″ W x 46.5″ H (127cm x 70 cm x 46.5 cm)
Master Panel Dimensions 24″ L x 32″ W x 54″ H (61 cm x 81 cm x 137 cm)
Has been ran for less than 2 months of operation time (about 20,000 lbs hemp biomass).
Ready for install. Assistance and training for installation and operation will be provided.
$75,000 for one, or $120,000 for both Cup-30’s. A brand new one sells for $125,000.
Located in Milwaukee, WI

No hate but these are not really priced to sell quickly, i’ve been seeing cup 30s go for 30-40k in good shape.

I paid 60 for mine about 1.5 years ago and it had 40 hours.


Second this. I’ve got a 15 and 30 that I can’t even get bites on at like 30-50k

Could we talk you out of a CUP-15 for $10k yet?


Ryan, where are our centrifuges?
We habe paid over a month ago, call, text or email asap.



Ryan you should get this guy his centrifuges

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Is Ryan the OP?

Anybody know this guy personally? Hope we can help the guy who bought them get to the bottom of this. It’s a large amount of money that was conned as a result of a published ad on this forum. I know it’s not the forums fault by any means what people choose to do. Just seems right that we help him, it’s one thing I’ve always loved about the canna community.


He was here 4 days ago

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Good call pulling up his profile for information

It appears a quick google search of the company can show a lot of information @OGX