Fog in my laminar path

I’m running my first pass and I’m getting this fog in my laminar path and it’s backing up into my main body. Does anyone know what it could be.

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Maybe a vac leak check your connections.

I have seen the fog near the heads fraction. I figured it was just volatiles partially condensing. Never saw it during mains collection.

No leak. I’m at .382 torr.

Same here I’ve seen it fog up in heads but it clears up before I switch to main but I’m at about 1.5 liters into my main and it started doing this. I tried to hit with a heat gun and it goes away and down into my cold trap but some backs into my mains.

Sounds like ghost vapors , you might be ramping up to quick and hot . Slow down your spin bar and maybe lower temp on your condenser

China mantle? Where’s the mantle thermocouple located?

Pretty normal…can be prevents if you leave spd at 150-170 and let sit to evacuate everything.


Is tat vacuum depth or temps u have listed @spdking?

Temp basis

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@spdking Thanks next pass I’ll let it sit longer around those temps and see if it helps with that fogginess. May have just went to fast through those fractions.

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Thx for the edit, and clarification.

The biggest reason why people see this is due to weak mantles and weak spinners now adays. The new techno-heat style mantles have such an amazing spinner power they help further eject these molecules in the heads section better than cheap import mantles.


@spdking yeah definitely picking up one of your guys new mantles next week