Flowmeters/loggers for ethanol & ethanol/oil combination?

Curious for those of you who have investigated these - who makes good flowmeters or combination flowmeter/logging units for tracking how much ethanol our machines have recovered, or comparing the difference between what went in and what came out?

Is there any significant differences between ethanol and a mixture of ethanol and plant oils from an application standpoint?

Check out Chem-Flowtronics, Inc. They have some sick flow meters, sight glasses, all sorts of process flow toys. No idea how affordable they tend to be, but the build quality looks fantastic in photos.

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I weigh my solvent onto the cannabis, off of the cannabis, into the still, and out of the still…getting the minions to do that has proven less successful.

Flowmeters would be great. actual data-loggers would be even better.

I haven’t managed to convince the boss that mounting the still and centrifuge on load cells is the right response, but I’m working on it.

How would you account for the water content absorbed from atmosphere if you are measuring into and out of an open vessel?

by ignoring the digits after the decimal point :slight_smile:

and closing the vessels because that ethanol is flammable…

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