Florida Regional Thread

Local hemp grower and processor in Florida looking for networking opportunities as the next harvest approaches
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Might be down to sponsor food for a meet up. Florida is like 8 hours drive north to south not including the keys, what part of Fl are you looking at?

Theres a Florida bases canna business org but they ask you for a membership fee to even show up to local restaurants they are at lol.


We are based in central Florida near The Villages


Im a bit north of Gainesville, not too far out. I’d be looking for networking within the state. If you feel like organizing something send a DM

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I’m living in hell, Florida.

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I don’t live in FL any more but would definitely be interested in attending since it’s my home state

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The deep south


Florida still has pockets of deep south scattered throughout but we operate on the outskirts of golf cart retirement communities instead.
I would be happy to arrange meetups, we have a lot of crops and need to meet buyers.
Is anyone up for Florida hemp events?

DM me your account is hidden

Florida: The only state where the more south you get, the more Northern the people are (until you just cross into Cuba)


Absolutely, where we are is a 50/50 balance of trailer parks and golf cart communities


Lol sorry deep south was a little nicky reference.

Is anyone down for a meet and greet in May? Something right off i75