Flavoring besides terps?

Hello all. Making tips, we are using 10% terps from mass terps, and the % distillate. My question is this, ate people using like vape flavoring in carts? I have people say that the tip doesn’t taste like a strawberry shortcake. I taste strawberry, but they brought one of their tips, and had me try it. It did have a much stronger fake flavor, like bubble gum or candy. It reminds me of the flavoring from tobacco vapes. To me, I don’t want to use less than 90% distillate. Or am I all wrong. There was streaks in their tip, so I figure it was the oil, or they ate using 50% d8 and d9. Would love your views. Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried Rebaudioside?

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I have not. I’ll check them out.

It’s not a “them”. It’s a chemical. It’s what makes stevia sweet. And it can make your girl scout cookies, wedding cake, strawberry shortcake etc etc the right kind of sweet if you do it right.


Yes you can mix botanical derived terps or other flavorings in. They don’t get you high, but they add to the flavor profile.

Boo, Boo I SAY.

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Made me laugh too much

I’m fine with being called a purist or a terp snob, never really wanted to smoke fruit anyway

its so close to the truth & thats what makes it funny, 2 nice strawberries likely have $20 of terps in em, farmers revenge lol


Nah thats being a realist

If I want to smoke strawberries i will go smoke a strawberry not mix strawberry flavoring into distillate

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hey, I agree. I’m honestly sick of the stupid shit like this. so many whiney ass people want everything different then what ya have. I’m about to just saw screw em, because what I’m doing now is perfect. i don’t want to be like nicotine vapes.

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I’d bet you the stripes in their carts are silicone from a lubricated plastic syringe, not terp streaks lol


I usually reach for this

Salt isn’t great for the terps and this specific variety brings up your THCA percentage on your COAs by 3.5% like it’s a fuckin special armor in Diablo. Amazing and should be taken as legitimate advice


I dab my strawberries at 360-380, need to go in low for the terps


I’ve had great luck melting down jolly ranchers and mixing 1:1 when im flavoring my 11-hydroxyl live resin 5mL disposables. Looks like webstaurant has the hookup.



Run that through a terp still :yum:

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