Flash point

As far as I can tell there is no published flash point for THC. I had a few videos up demonstrating flammability of the pure compound when held on a stainless steel mesh however the idea of measuring flash point eluded me.

This morning I was messing around with a stir rod that was covered in more or less pure D9 THC but had been scraped as thorough as a human can scrape it. Just a film. So I held a Bic to it so it would run down the length because it was just one end covered. Of course under a Bic lighter flame it rapidly degrades but as the tiny puddle ran slowly down the glass rod I moved the flame under it to keep it going down. As the rod heated then behind the flame I noticed that a seperate clean flame forming in the vapor created but it was very close to the Bic and not self sustaining when the Bic went out.

Wondering… if the temperature of the glass rod was high enough to cause combustion of the liquid present with another flame held near it, does that constitute a crude flash point measurement assuming one could measure the rod at that point with a thermocouple shielded from the Bic? I do realize things are breaking down fast however would that not be the case with many high boiling point compounds? I believe THC is called a volitile aromatic by some but it really takes a lot to get it to burn.

I feel a SLO-MO video lab idea with my portable thermocouple meter coming on…
I better vape a bag and think this through. :nerd_face:

P.S. Please keep answers to my level. I’m old and stupid. Up until last month when I watched a science show I believed we had nine planets in our solar system. Who the hell took Pluto away??? It sort of dates me, right?