Flash Chromatography system Custom

Item Model/Manufacturer: Custom
Description: Flash Chromatography system Parts or whole
Current location of item: Salt Lake City
Estimated lead time: Days 10-15
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: no
This is A THC removal system deigned for us Before I was at the lab. Im trying to recoup some of the expense spent to build this.
it was an automated pressurized media filter ethanol Chromatography as far as I can tell.
I ve Been reading on here about it to understand How it might have worked.
I have 11 Stainless top and bottom access high pressure filter columns 30 ish liters.
I have 10/11 High pressure adjustable pumps
3 console pedestals with digital consoles
Misc switchable valves and pressure regulators computer controlled
Large electrical cabinet for all the automation controls and relays.
Willing to negotiate on the whole system or parts
please contact with any interest
i will probably start piecing it out on ebay if no one can use it here .