“Flan tek”for hash/solventless?

No clue where I should post this but I heard of something called, “flan tek”?

Is this a real technique that is used if so what the hell does it even mean?


It’ll look like that


More look and texture than anything


How is this achieved or is it a closely guarded secret

Put a jar on a heatpad set to 90-100f in a cold room


Cold cure for a bit. Take out and let the jar come to ambient temps and whip then immediately put back into cold storage. Should take on that opaque white-ish clay looking consistency with a lil sheen. Once you start using it, it’s naturally gonna sugar up and jam from opening and closing. Terps will get excited and change the consistency. Your mileage may vary from strain to strain but there’s my 2 cents.


You can do it without heat.

It is just a post processing technique down the line of cold curing. Some strains don’t do it when cold cured, possibly why qma suggested a heat pad.

I would start experimenting with how much and when you mix a jar. If you start to do that with your different strains you’ll be able to tell which ones create the “flan” like texture.

Again, heat does do this rather easily with any strain. That’s why we cold cure then make our flan. Because it’s a bit more special and more unique to each cultivar.


Are you talking about typical cold cure/soft, wet badder consistency (I would definitely say this does remind me more of a flan texture) or blue river’s “live flan” consistency? The live flan blue river puts out is super wet/terpy and is a lot different than most, if not all cold cures I’ve seen. I’ve heard some say it’s just refined terps mixed back into mechanically separated thca/rosin but I don’t know.


Thats the tek yes, specifically blue rivers as a well known traditional hash maker started posting on IG about them stealing the flan tek or something along those lines and doing other shady business with it, I can check the stories again but he mentioned “flan tek” and said he might expose what they do.

The posts expired already but the guy posting them is very well known for his solventless diamonds, and he mentioned how blue river uses flan tek. I can’t remember exactly but this is just off my shitty memory. I do remember the stories saying stuff about the bald dude who owns blue river terps stealing tek or something? I don’t want to stir any issues here so I’m trying not to fuck up my memory on what it said, but its all I remember about it. As flan tek doesn’t seem like it would be a closely kept secret like these legal companies act like.

This stuff?

How are they removing all the fats and keeping it solventless?

The Blue River™ AMST process used to create Blue River™ Flan™ eliminates waxes “lipids” from Live Rosin and doubles the terpene preservation so you can take tiny ultra-low temp dabs while continually vaping the oil without worrying about damaging your quartz.

Seems fishy to me.


I think its why that hashmaker made the posts because baldy at blue river is either ripping someone off and messing with the concentrate or just doing one of those things

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There is no consistency that requires a consult to reach.


They’ve been taking flak off and on for years I believe for never really defining what is involved in making flan. They’ve said no solvents, I believe they said not steam distilled or any gasses either. They dry sift, I don’t believe they use any water to process

I’m definitely curious, I’ve had a couple ideas but they are all labor intensive vs the reward IMO lol

Sounds look some kind of wook gimmick. If they really don’t use solvents then it can’t really be anything other than freeze dried hash prepared a certain way.

More likely they’re lying wooks


you can take fractions using a rosin press at different temperatures


Mechanical separated thca plus spd water terps

@spdking taught me how to distill hte wayyyyy long before the term hte existed

Whip that shit son



nice pic, HASBULA!!!

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Tony (the bald guy) presses rosin on bubble hash and is really good at getting out the oils. You can steam distill terpenes which can be mixed into the rosin pressed a certain way and whiped a certain way to make extracts of different consistency. He was quite an artist with a hair straightener.

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