First time using a vacuum oven

Hello everyone…

I might be answering my own questions but I could do with somebody else’s input…

I was given some rushed, open blasted material.(no pics)
I put into my vac oven. Set to 95°f at 25hg. I pulled the first vac got some nice muffins, let then set then re vac for 24 hours. Kept checking on it and it slowly went way darker then I was to begin with

Edit… to fix pictures

You have to wait until the pictures finish uploading before hit the post button. Might want to give another shot.

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peel that film off the trays yo!


I’m going to have to agree with this statement.

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Ah that’s embarrassing :flushed:. Not sure how I didn’t see the please peel film ofd before use :joy:

I’m running it all myself tomorrow weather depending. Won’t be rushed.

Thank you for your answers. Especially about the film :tired_face::dizzy_face::joy:

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Throw it in some ethanol and filter it over some t5

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etoh wont work too well, try pentane.


no problemo, Do you have pics of the lighter resin before the purge?

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