First time running a short path distillation setup. Comments and Suggestions Please!

I think your supposed to back fill with nitrogen and not let oxygen back in?
Also it’s alot better in my experiences to shut off mantle for atleast 5 min but better if it’s 10min . Then proceed to shut of vacuum. Then open nitrogen valve ever so slightly and let it equalize pressure . Then you can open it . Those are my ideal sop


Thanks @Cruzinlabs. I’m gonna add nitrogen in 2019 100%. In the meantime, how would you go about it if you had no access to nitrogen?


The slower you let in oxygen the better . Try not to let it in so fast and keep it farthest away from the boiling flask. So personally what i would do in that scenario is turn off mantle, let pump run for same time as above. Then proceed to turn off vac but not open system for another 5 min it will slowly try to equalize and loose vacuum then let oxygen in super slow like you shouldn’t even be able to tell your letting oxygen in


could connect a balloon filled with co2 to your valve mantifold and back fill with that.


i can certainly do this. Thanks. While i dont have nitrogen availible. I do have co2. Thanks @Soxhlet


Plumbers use this small can to freezeup waterpipes to do Some work down the line these cans are filled with Nitrogen and fairly cheap
Helium is available in most ballon shops
Argon is available in Some fire extiguisers so is CO2


I can probably get argon as my dry ice and co2 supplier does like fire extinguisher and fire department tanks and stuff in the matter. I’ve asked for nitrogen and he kinda looked at me funny but I know he has co2.

I have a tank of helium in the house as well. I will ask about the argon this week when I go by there.

I will look for the plumbers cans tonight cause I need to go to Home Depot anyways. This is gonna help some people in the future. Thanks guys for helping me dial in this process


any prefabricated cans should only be used in a right standing posision for mystery oil can be part of content


Great post. …


For vacuum line it is very hard to beat Nalgene vacuum hose. The stuff is a dream to work with. I got mine from Amazon at $17 per foot and no regrets. It is thick wall but is so pliable it stays where it is put very well.


Heres another tip to help with your vacuum… I also use the 2021 pumps with the auto ballast. Before you start your run unscrew the ballast filter and plug the hole. This will both lower your vac and stop the smoke which is created from the ballast staying open. Your pump will also run smoother and quieter.


gonna have to give that a shot because that the second time hearing that. Thanks @HempBaker

Since people keep asking me about the parts here is some of my list i can find.

150ml Receiving Flasks - $4.79 each

Right Angle Kf25 Isolation Valve

24/40 Thermometer Adapter

2L 24/40 Short path head

500ml digital mantle

Glass Thermometer

Fiberglass Rope

KF25 wing nut clamp and gaskets

24/40 Glass Stoppers

Gum Rubber Vacuum Hose

500ml RBF

Metal Keck Clips 24/40

14/20 Thermometer adapter

This is the seller i bought the cold trap from but the option i bought is no longer available in 250mm for $68. Might wanna email him

kf25 to 8mm barb

1000mm kf25 bellow hose

KF25 4 way cross

I bought my Bullseye and 3 way cow from USAlabs. I emailed him on a discount on the bullseye and the glass while he couldnt go cheaper than 450 on the bullseye…he did give me a discount on the cow for $50. You can find them cheaper sometimes.


Your thread answered a lot of questions I had about vacuum. I just bought a Fisher Scientific Maxima leybold D8A used. only paid 225.00 for it. Anyway great thread very helpful to an extreme newbie


Thanks you for being the first person i read telling about rotatingthe cow. I read the same thing on summit and have been searching on how to do this correctly so i dont fuck anything up. Search done. I love this site.


Wow this is amazing that you took the time to help all of us…I needed this post exactly to feel confident enough to start putting something together- OP are you in Michigan did you say? I am about 3.5 hours from detroit and would be happy to pay something to come up and get a lesson or two…I come up there for iKrusher carts regularly


im in miami not detroit…lol


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