First time Oyster Grow

So my first time growing oyster mushrooms. Finally got some pins, they were looking great. I gave them two days, came back and checked them, they looked a little odd then. But I thought maybe it’s how they grow. I have them another two days and they look even worse. Did I miss my window to harvest? Is it too humid in my tent? Any help and advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone

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I did a mushroom mini farm a while back that my old friend gave me for Christmas. This was on top of my hutch that’s in my living room.

This was a fun project was easy af. I got way more than I thought I would off it.

When I did that grow box it took quite a bit. I did it near a window and it was December going into January I was using my houses heat to keep it warm.

Hold up I got pics

The other two pics you were trying to upload didn’t upload

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Depending on the type of oyster, I don’t know if it’s the best side fruiting species. You may want to try again but with your fruiting cuts on top instead of the side.

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These are how they ended up looking 2 & 4 days after the initial pins in the first pic

Pocket sized oysters on this, that could be it. I know the king oyster prefers top fruiting, but I thought a small one like this would be all for the side fruiting

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