First time getting crystals

I used heptane and winterized shatter. I let it sit in a closet for a couple weeks and it has a ton of small crystals growing all over the bottom. My jar was to big my first run I feel like. I don’t know when they stop growing and what to do with this on top? Is it going to turn to crystals? I have a smaller container with it starting to crystallize should I put it in the fridge a pressure vessel? I need advice.

The middle pic is the new stuff with crystals on bottom. I didn’t want to move it.

A little late to this party but to me those look like decarb bubbles and not crystals. Did anything ever come of this batch?

PS don’t use heptane for winterizing! Fats are pretty soluble in it. You’re better off in ethanol/methanol/acetone/anything polar.