First spd run post on the forum


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So I’ll post pictures and videos of the final product from the run but I am slightly confused on the end product for a couple reasons.

Couple things I’m curious about, are the streaks throughout the distillate. I know most people would claim terps immediately looking at it, but there was nearly no heads fraction that pulled out of the second pass on this run. I let it run a little extra until all cloudiness and any sort of drip ceased. There was a full clear stream coming through after the cloudiness passed before I switched to the mains flask. Could it just be the way I heated and funneled the mains into the jar that the distillate settled In this manner?

The second thing I’m really confused about is this separation layer that occurred at the top. There’s a distinct gold layer at the top of this jar only(there were two that were jarred from the same mains flask) and for some reason is much less viscious than the rest of the jar when moved. I would think CBD initially because of how readily it moves(the jar initially bought before being ran was said to be 90%+ thc) but moved way too readily for that to be true. So I’m not too sure, but at the same time I’ve never seen distillate separate thc from cbd like this before. But the rest of the jar underneath the gold layer is much more stable and doesn’t move like the top layer does. And the entire jar is at room temp, same Temperature. If anyone has any ideas let me know!


Well great :grinning:
Yes main fear was a leak
Yes You should be able to pull better fraqtions
Lower bp lower temp lower degradation
All in all deeper vacuum makes sense
Get a lab report on content for refrance sake :grinning:
And don t ditch the sogevac. IT s a fantastic pump for volatiles and When heads arrive You switch


Perfect thank you! I’ll keep that in mind and do my upgrades accordingly!

If you had any insight on the previous reply of the finished product I just made, that would be great! Slightly baffled at this point.

Also if these are problems that could be mitigated by running the distillate for a third time, should that be done or would it cause too much degradation to be worth it?

Thanks again for all the shared knowledge from yourself as well as everyone else thus far.

I’ll be sending this distillate into the lab tomorrow for clarification on what I’m looking at as well regardless of if I rerun once again or not!


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Getting a deeper vacuum in the sub 100 micron range, i think you’ll find its easier to separate the heads, and you might still have some in there. To me the slight cloudiness and color and viscosity differences you mentioned would point me to thinking you could pull a little more undesireables off the front. That might only be feasable with a deeper vacuum though.

Also, since you arent using the hot condenser tek, there are some terpenes co-eluting with the main body that will be pretty near impossible to separate without upgrading to hot condenser tek.

You can still make great distillate with your setup, and dialling down that vacuum level will help a bunch.


Do you have a link to the hot condenser tek? I tried searching, but nothingnreally came up, minus beakers spd sop


Not sure how to send you to other threads, might have to scroll up to the first post haha


Actually i think it worked


Breaking.dabs is a pioneer. Every system has its own personal techniques to run it on point. You’re doing a great job man, keep up the fantastic research! And don’t forget to have FUN!