First spd run post on the forum


Hey guys I’ve been on the forum lurking and researching for a while now, haven’t posted or anything to date so I figured on this run of spd I would post a topic and do a log of how things come out.

I’m in Michigan, and for my setup I’m using a 5L bf, thermowell, rare earth stir bar, standard triple cow and 1/4’ silicone hosing slipped over the glass joints instead of gl connections, with a sogevac sv28 BI. For the head on first pass I’m using a shorty head from Ypsioil.

I haven’t had the greatest success pulling the deepest vacuum in the past, probably 90ish lowest I’ve achieved on second pass, so that’s something I’m looking to gain more efficiency in as well as getting better at my fractioning skills, removing heads, gunk and smell fully before getting to mains.

With all that being said, I’ll post pictures of my setup and keep updating as I get through the run. About to start it up right now. Using about 2L of material with probably 500ml of ethanol left in it for transfer purposes so I’ll run vac, try to pull out the majority of that before adding heat and get right into it! Thanks in advance for checking this topic out and any knowledge that may manifest from this!


Turned on the heat to 18c on the mantle to get the reaction going because no etoh was being pulled into the cold trap without it. Now it’s steadily dropping into the cold trap recieving flask with a nice bubbling reaction going in the bf.


Microns currently at 2300


Pulling etho out on your rig is probably the reason your vac depth is so high
You are dilluting your vac oil


Do you think I should replace vac oil once the etoh is done being pulled and restart the system?


Well If You Can You should


I shall


Decarbing first is definitely a must and I’ll forever remember that. Just need to figure out how to rig up my rotovap to be able to decarb. Waiting for this storm to blow over right now


Unless You have an oilbath on the roto
IT s not a option
Easyest is in a normal oven at 140C for about 90 min
Or lower temp for a longer time


I think I’m gonna get the proper silicone oil for rotovap, decarbing in the oven sure does smell up the house pretty badly


Got through the decarb without jumping all the way over the head, the heat cleaned out what jumped up into the vigs and head and it looks like we’re good to proceed! Some heads started dropping into the first recieving flask at 121c on the mantle. Going to release pressure and change vac oil real quick and proceed with the run!


What would you decarb 2l at a time in? Large beakers?


Set her back up, fresh pump oil, turned her back on, and the heads started flowing and the mantle temp spiked from 131c to about 138 and settled around 141.


Vac pressure now down to 1430 and dropping after quick oil change


You should be at 150 microns tops. A few ppl posted their notes, its whatbi kinda went by my 1st run.


I typically use a silicone matt lined in a rectangle cake pan. Beakers may be fine, but more surface area,the quicker it will decarb. Also not sure how safe beakers would be in the oven but I would hate to have one of those break full of oil


Lab glass should handle an oven I would assume


still dumping etho like a faucet, 1400 might be as low as it gets till that becomes a drip, should still probably be a bit lower…
Go up with the stir bar speed to 300 get the rest of that solvent pulled off, ive never seen a heads fraction pour out like that its gotta be etho


you vacuum gauge needs to be turned from that position to there the sensor is facing down.

Have you tested that pump blanked off? nice looking system.


That’s one sexy azz pump, it’s giving me a milk chubby :heart_eyes: