First post - CBD distillate question

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here (hopefully I’m posting I’m the right place) and I want to say thank you for the knowledge I’ve gained by reading this forum for the last few days. Wow! What a hidden treasure this site is.

I am a total beginner here. My goal right now is to create CBD distillate carts with hemp/cannabis derived terpenes and full ceramic hardware. I have CRD coming soon but right now I have access to full spectrum and broad spectrum T-free distillates.

I have mixed my first small batch of both distillates with vacuum distilled hemp derived terpenes at approx 10%.

I mixed by hand in small glass jars on a hot plate for a minute or two and then (mistakenly?) set the containers outside in the approx 30°F air and they congealed into a wax/budder/sugar consistency.

Can anyone please explain what happened here? Is this the CBD nucleating and forming really small crystals due to the quick cooldown?

Obviously not the texture I want inside a cart but I actually quite like the consistency for dabbing and I’m wondering if this is shelf stable and reproducible as a CBD “wax” product?

Please excuse my utter noobiness and thank you for your help.

Yep, that is CBD crystallizing.

chances are that crystalize resistant distillate won’t resist crystallizing either.

if you spend a little time reading on “CBD+carts” (just use that as your search query to start), you’ll be further ahead than you were.


Thank you. I will keep reading up on that.

About CRD: do I understand correctly that it could either be a distillate that is cut with minors to bring CBD below 60%, or a distillate that has been through extra passes to remove thc and lower CBD to below 60%?

I’ve seen that some CRD looks darker than others. Is that because of the exposure to heat during the longer distillation process?

Thanks, guys.

Of the crystal resistant stuff I’ve seen, some is remediated mother liquor, some is half cbda. The half cbda stuff is darker

And the waxy stuff isn’t stable entirely. It will further crystallize and harden

Thanks for the reply. Then what is the current best practice for CBD carts? From what I’m gathering on the forum it seems like CRD + terps, or distillate + some kind of diluent + terps?

I’m trying to keep things simple and natural so hoping I don’t have to dilute with anything.