First Level 3 CBD Vendor @steelrollin

This man needs little introduction…

I vouch for @steelrollin entirely

He has bulk isolate available directly, and his Website, with it’s products, is one of the finest in the game.

It’s an honor to have him!


Looking for bulk CBD for contract. Would love to get some quotes

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Steel da man he gots u A+


I apologize I am just not getting to commenting on this. It’s been a hectic week. I’m super stoked to be a part of this awesome group. If anyone ever has questions regarding CBD always feel free to ask. If anyone ever needs bulk Isolate, THC Free CBD Distillate, Soft Gels, Liters of Tincture, Water Miscible CBD, or Liters of CBD Vape Juice I am happy to help.


Damn, too bad you don’t ship internationally. Is there a regulatory reason for this or you just don’t want the hassle ?

We have EU customers if you one day start to ship internationally DM me

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we ship wholesale internationally just not retail :slight_smile: