First Level 1 Verified CBD Vendor

@HempireSpecialist is the first, and so far only, @verified_cbd Slanger on the site.

He sent me a sample of his isolate and a very comprehensive COA.

Level 1 verification means that this is an actual person with access to what appears to be the product they are advertising.

Level 2 will involve independent lab testing of the samples

Level 3 will be a person who I have met and can vouch for.

Neither I nor anyone else here on the site can protect you 100% from getting scammed, and we take no responsibility for such things. But hopefully this helps and is a step in the right direction


If anyone is looking for Isolate, I can fill orders of nearly any quantity. Contracts preferred, but can also handle spot buys of varied quantities.


For level 2, do you personally have them independently tested?

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That’s the plan. Im gonna comp yours since I didn’t say anything about it before you sent it, but everyone else will need to include payment



I am in due diligence on a 12 month contract with a farm in Colorado but wanted to find out your pricing prior. Can you please reach out at your convenience? Thanks.


How do I get in touch with your verified vendor?



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send him a direct message


Looks great, purity is high.

Question, is the residual ethanol from the wet sample prep for analysis? Seems like ProVerde dosen’t test for residual pentane, which is strange. It also seems strange that there would be residual ethanol in isolate.

Am I missing something here?


I also had that thought. I’d wager it was contamination from cleaning something somewhere


OK good thought I was going crazy.

I have been making and selling CBD oils and tinctures for a while. Just got into chocolate bars and have been doing the vape part the longest.
I have a website dedicated to selling the best vape cartridges. I sell on eBay and Amazon as well. I have tested from multiple manufactures and know my vape products are authentic. I have ccell as my entry level cartridge. The kingpin and brass knuckles are for show and just bought some to try. Then the x5 and v9 are the best overall.

I have done well without joining forums or advertising online. When people buy from me they continue to buy more and always come back, which has worked but I’m ready to promote my oils and cartridged (filled and empty).

What can we do to help achieve this goal?


If you would like to advertise your CBD wares here, shoot me a DM


Yo guys @HempireSpecialist is legit!!
Found this post just yesterday and hit him up and have the isolate in my hands today. Super responsive and very helpful. Even overnighted it to us at our request. The isolate looks great too, I will include pictures. Came with a full COA.
If you need isolate, hit him up, great quality for a great price too. :call_me_hand::metal:
Thanks @HempireSpecialist and thank you @Future for the connection!


I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that this all worked out so well.

Not only did this community step up to self regulate the spam, but we were also able to identify real quality CBD suppliers, that actually do what they say they will do.

@HempireSpecialist you are a saint :pray:


Appreciate it guys!!! This industry can be nuts lol happy to help. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


How’s it going @HempireSpecialist interested in bulk isolate.


Im interested in a 2 kg spot buy as soon as possible. Please get back to me when your available


Hempire Specialist how do i reach out to you to discuss big business with you ? do you have an email ?

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I have 1000 kilos what price can you get?

Hi, I’m looking for a Oz of isolate maybe more depending on price to show my buyer. After independent testing we’re prepared for kilos. We are ready to send funds and would need overnight shipping. Unexpected meeting but I’m trying to secure this contract. Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you!