First lab test

This was my first lab test. I used the THCLabratory in riverside. He will test for the hobbyists for $75.
From what I can tell it all looks good. Any thing I should be concerned about?


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Standard TLC for potency is a bit strange. Most labs use GC or HPLC-DAD. I would argue the percent error on this is v high.

Edit: cannasafe will do r&d tests for the same price with an hplc. I’d try that out. Van Nuys, Ca


Agreed with @NewLevelProcess on the accuracy of TLC.

…and I’ve performed it as state mandated third party testing in OR.

that test should be $25 imo.

didn’t bother with the second lane to give you acidic cannabinoids.
almost certain they didn’t do pesiticides or residual solvents, despite the “low”


Hrm… This doesn’t look like hptlc or even digitally enhanced tlc. Not sure how this is a quantitative method of testing


TLC is probably semi-quantitative. They used 0.5 mg or 0.0005 g for the mass? Do they have a balance that measures X.XXXXX g? No way they accurately measure 0.0005 g

Thanks for the post, I am a hobby guy in southwest riv county, I been wanting to have my oil tested, so i can get a better idea of my progress or regress,lol
I’m definately interested

at that point why not just buy some thc tlc kits? itll be cheaper per test

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Do those kits only test thc?

This is a complete joke. TLC for potency from a testing lab :man_facepalming:


1k word substitute.
with all the extraneous bits deleted…


done correctly you can also get semi-quatitative data on your acidic cannabinoids as well…

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I wasn’t aware of these test kits, now I gotta look into it, as a hobby guy on a budget it sounds a moe affordable route and i should get some really goood ballpark data


links and discussion can probably be found under In House analytics

edit: ok. there is a little on the subject there. there is a little more elsewhere if memory serves. not gonna go looking for it…


Why is it thc and not thca? What kind of extract is this?

This is the most fake looking test results I’ve ever seen. Pretty sure your boy just smoked the sample and decided he got pretty high and typed this up in Microsoft Word. Maybe used a home testing kit


Any guesses or insight as to what they are using as a carrier solvent. I have TLC plates but limited access to solvents and can’t seem to get adequate separation to test my distillate. I have Methanol, ethyl acetate, heptane and 190p Ethanol denatured with ethyl acetate and iso, that’s about it.

I used chloroform I believe.
it was more than 5 years ago, so the details are getting a little foggy…

Yeah, I’ve seem some chloroform combos in literature…wish I had access to it.

its rather easy to make, but no way that im aware of to make any pure enough to use

This was some cured sugar. I’m getting the idea you maybe right up in smoke!!!

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Previously to scf co2, coffee beans were decaffeinated with chloroform. But due to chemical phobia and the media, processes were changed. A hobby coffee maker can’t afford such an instrument, so (as a hobbyist coffee maker) you can use this reason to purchase chloroform.