First distillate setup

Hi everyone,

I am looking to expand into distillate and could use advice on what glass to purchase. I have a CLS to provide crude.

I’m eyeing lab society 2L or 5L kit, as well as open source steel 2L or 5L.
Open source would end up being about 5k cheaper.

Although I can afford either or, if there is no major benefit to one over the other I would rather go with the cheaper option for time being as I do not require automation and would have no problem upgrading once I have technique quality and consistency down.

Also what are some daily production numbers you guys can push out of a 2L and 5L setup?

I’m also located in Canada if anyone has specific vendors that may have options / deals

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Chinese glass vs American Glass at high temp and vacuum.

You could get the setup minus the glassware from OSS but it’s ultimately up to you.

One thing I was concerned about, was when I am starting up, I want to make sure the equipment is not the problem. As I become an expert, troubleshooting will only become easier.

I ended up with Summit’s setup.


You will have to replace it because it leaks!

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Always change your pump oil or you’ll have a hard time getting low :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I opt’d to stay away from Chinese glass and avoid the problems down the line.

Going to pick up a Lab Society kit.

I just experienced this on my last run. I think I had a bunch of conversion. Still hit 70% thc, but it’s usually 85%.


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