FIRESALE High-End Equip - No Off-Brands! (Chemtech/Apex/Pinnacle/Buchi/Across International)

We push equipment that is gently used (or brand new), from well known-brands at a steal of a price. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can find it for you.

Here is what is featured now:

  1. ChemTech’s KDT-6 Dual Stage Short Path brand new still in its crate up in Seattle WA for $205,000. We were able to get installation discounts from Helderpad too if bought through us. Comment or DM for more specs and photos. Seller is willing to finance deal with downpayment.

  2. UIC’s KD-10 Short Path gently used for about 3 months. Model from 2021. For sale for 50% off the original invoiced price which is $203,500. Final price, no negotiation. Comment or DM for more specs and photos.

We’ve got BUCKERS! Just recently in:

1. HP 3 Triple Bucker from Centurion GREAT CONDITION - 500 lbs/hr machine with 3 heads and variable speed drives. Equipment resides in Kansas. Sale price is BEST OFFER. Used for one season, in great condition. Awaiting photos from the seller directly, but here is one direct from Centurion’s site:

2. Shuck N Buck from Extrakt Labs BRAND NEW discounted - This sleek machine has never been used from the seller, also resides in Kansas. Asking price is $25,000 or best offer. The Shuck N Buck can process 1 acre of dry material in about 3 hours. Definitely the fastest machine on the market for dry material.

3. Mother Bucker MB120V from Munch Machine - BRAND NEW discounted Seller is located in Utah. They have 2 machines for sale if interested. Sale price for one machine is $15,000 or best offer. If buying both, even more of a discounted price. These can push 150-250 lbs/hr of wet material or 25-60 lbs/hr of dry material.

JUANAROLL Automatic Pre-roll Machines 1,200 joints per hour with five (5) different cone types
Asking price is $178,766 which is 50% off what the seller paid for it. Basically brand new, used it for 3 hours only

You guys have any filtration equipment for sale

Hey there…

That’s my KD6 Dual stage you posted a photo of…

Like, I literally took those pictures with the seller, based in Eureka, before I bought the machines from him.

Not sure if you have the identical one, or what’s going on :sweat_smile::rofl: That HMI option mine has is only on like 1 other KD6 in the US, per helderpad/chemtech. All others are kd10’s, 30’s, and 75’s.

Anyone want it I’ll sell it at the ~$200K mark…

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Why for only 3 hours? Is it clunky?


Makes you wonder what happened :rofl:

I’ve demo’d these, Procepack, and all their competitors… With real sticky/moist cannabis material.

My clients all got Procepacks as they just hit the mark that much better. Also cability of expansion and retrofits to new versions.
They offer fully automated packaging and labeling in line for both poptops and glass tubes w/screw closure. Can be added later as you wish.

I have 3 sites running procepack rn. Ca, Co, and NY state.


Didn’t they separate their cannabis line? Sold under the name Preroll-er isn’t it?

I do, I have a heated filter press (getting more photos/info here soon) and basic Buchner funnel vacuum filtration. Vessels are 50L and funnel diameter is about 10".

Let me know if there is a more specific type of filter you are looking for. I’m sure I can help find something at a good price.

Feel free to text or call me too, (425)-358-0425

Probably was your photo. I have a seller that has one identical to it, but is brand new and still in the crate. He had no good photos of it. Your photo was available as a free distillation photo for the KDT6, so I used it since it wasn’t an owned or licensed photo. But that unit has sold already, so I can surly take it down if you have an issue with us using it.

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Too big for what they needed

They couldn’t have figured that out before spending 350k?


I’m interested. 6266651080


Just in, LIGHTS!

(180) One Hundred Eighty - 715w LED Light Fixtures with Lighting
(80) Eighty 545w LED Light Fixtures with Lighting made by GrowRay Lighting Technologies

60% off what the seller paid for them. They were used for approximately one year, but they came with a 7-year warranty, so they still have many years of growing power. Call/text for more photos, tech docs and pricing. 425-358-0425, ask for Emily

Apeks Supercritical and ChemTech KDL-6 just posted! More information and pricing in hyperlink:




What are the things to look for when buying used distillation equipment?

Hours on wiper

Condition of actual wiper and housing

Existing & transferable warranty

Sops and operating instructions

Age of heaters/chillers

Condition of gear pump

Was it used to distill conversions or failed material?

Anything else?


Will it hold vac?

Does it have spare parts?

What dat pump oil look like boi?

Show me that diffusion pump close up

Show me the inside of them baths

Show it running for the dang old win y’all


I agree! Asking the right questions are always important. Appreciate your comments on helping out with what people should be asking before buying.

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JuanaRoll shown has sold, BUT we have another one with a slightly upgraded package. Asking $217,570 which is 50% off the original invoiced price.

THIS IS HOT AND WILL SELL IN LESS THAN A WEEK. DM if interested for more photos and info.


Will it? At a quarter mil? You got long form videos of it running?

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