[Fire Sale] WATERMELON HAZE $70-$100 / LB

Watermelon Haze! This flower comes in at a respectable 15.6% total cannabinoid count. It all carries a really strong nose thanks to a batanical watermelon terpene mist, every bag will smell like a mix of sweet watermelon and an earthy OG Kush. All of our flower has a nice red and green coloring and smokes really smooth. Comparable to a Cherry Wine strain. MOQ: 1LB

Watermelon Haze 15.6%
Sample 1 Lb $100/Lb
5+ Lb $85/Lb
10+ Lb $80/Lb
50+ Lb $75/Lb
100+ Lb $70/Lb

All shipping types are available.
customer pays for shipping

Here is a youtube link to the flower in a bin and a view of the sealed bags at the end.


Is it seeded?

Nope! Very low in seeds, honestly a great deal we’ve already had multiple re-orders. Going to give you a good deal on a sample lb so you could review it for other members of the forumn.

Sent your sample out. Looking forward to the review. Great deal for a very low seeded flower.

What are you charging for samples?

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$100 for single LB samples!

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Please contact Hans at 8589978145 or at Hans@FullBodyZen.com to place orders or for inquiries!

I’ll give you a review as promised:

The Good:
Service/Time of shipping was perfect. Lb came within 48 hours, packaged with COA, vacuum sealed and nicely labeled. I got a great deal on a sample lb.

The Bad:
My lb was heavily seeded. There was one pod the size of a quarter with 10 seeds in it.
It’s dark. My guess is that there wasn’t a nose on it. I believe spraying it with the watermelon flavoring (which is way too strong and artificial for me) also darkened the buds because of it being wet. This is not a quality product. With all that said, it’s not priced like a quality product in the $250 range.

I am shopping for a real (key word) 20k lb smokable hemp buyer for $100/lb sale price, meaning I need it no more than $75/lb. I am sending this over as an option. Truth be told, I’m not overly optimistic that this will fly. But on the other hand, you can’t expect much for a $100 sale price while still making money. With all that said, if anyone has other options for a bulk order of this size (can be only part of the order, no less than 1,000lbs for a $75/lb price point) please let me know!

Call me.

I have 20k smokeable hemp flower in central Ca. I am the owner not a broker too.