Fire Sale! Oregon Lab Closing Doors

We are closing the doors to one of our Southern Oregon labs and everything in the building is for sale! Below is a short list of the major items for sale, but there is a plethora of other useful items and equipment; including a fair amount of random items for free. Due to the nature of the quarantine, we are only allowing 4 or fewer people in the building at a time, and an appointment must be made in advance. Please DM or contact Sean @ 914-255-7799 with questions and inquiries or to schedule a visit.
Most prices are open to negotiation.

ExtraktLAB 140 Supercritical CO2 Extractor - $100k never used, still in crate

Chemtech KDT-6 single stage distillation unit - $65k used for 1 year, great condition

Polyscience Durachill 5HP Chiller unit - $12k never used

Large 500 gal Jacketed Brewery Evaporator & 250 gal Still unit - $10k never used, Chinese made

Fisher Scientific Upright Cryogenic Freezer 18 Cu Ft - $8k

Chicago Blower SQI industrial fans - $3k each 4 units, never used

Heavy Duty 5’ x 5’ Floor scale 5,000 lbs capacity - $500

330 lbs Capacity Uline scale - $420 like new

55 gal drum Ethylene Glycol - $420 brand new, never opened

2 Shelf Pallet Rack Unit - 96 x 48 x 96" comes with 4 wire deckings - $250 per unit or $15k for all of it

3 Basin Industrial Stainless Steel Sink w/ spray hose and faucets. Optional new sludge trap & piping for $100. - $300 never used

Large Circulating Fans - 10 - $150 each or $1,000 for all 10 used but work like new!2966!3!264955916042!!!g!437513351199!

***Other items include; TV’s, internet & surveillance equipment, stainless steel tables, magnetic stirrers, scientific glassware, coolants & thermodynamic fluids, new clean 55 gal drums, chemical grade tubing, large black totes, office supplies, kitchen supplies incl. fridges, washer & dryer set, office table & chairs, beds & frames, shelving units, chairs, and much more!

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Do you have any homogenizers?

Not one for sale, I’m sorry

Got a photo of the kd6 two stage?

I want the 5hp

Here is the KDT unit. It has the same glass collection on the Evap side as the Condenser side, just not pictured.

That’s a single stage not a dual.


You’re correct, sorry that was just a typo

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For 65k I knew it had to be

I was thinking the same, if it was dual stage definitely more than worth it

Price for the KDT is negotiable for the right buyer



I’m interested in the kdt and others
I’d like to schedule something this weekend to come check it out

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Please DM me

If you’re bummed we’re shutting down @cyclopath I really appreciate it! No worries tho as me and my team are building out a new lab as we speak!


The way you’ve handled the deal with us… I’m sure it’s a good thing youre going out of business. If you’ve been doing shady shit like this it’s easy to see why you can’t make it happen. Being an asshole and wasting peoples valuable time doesn’t qualify as
“just business.”

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Hello - Is any of this equipment still for sale - specifically the KD-6

I’m interested in any “free” stuff. I’m happy to pay shipping for whatever items you would like to give away

I’m sure hugs n kisses are free.