Fine Ground Post CO2 Extract Hemp Biomass

Item Model/Manufacturer: CO2 Post Extract Hemp Biomass (Fine Ground)
Description: I have ~1 ton of fine ground hemp biomass post extract. Stored in plastic bins.
Price/MSRP: $?
Current location of item: Denver, Colorado
Estimated lead time: 7 Days

Not sure what the going rate is for this kind of material, or what it could be used for. I know people are making stuff out of hemp, and I have a lot of fine ground material that is sitting around. My boss is telling me to save it all so he can sell it or do something with it one day.

soak and spin with cold ass ethanol. even if you pull 1% cannabinoids thats a potential 20 pounds of crude.

if thats not an option at all… then talk to local farmers. spent biomass has a lot of nutritional benefits for livestock similar to alfalfa. you could BEST case get a little bit of money for feed. Worst case you get to network with local farmers and build connections. maybe get some bartering on. I’ll trade you 400 pounds of biomass for feed supplementation and you can give me X amount of meat or milk.

philanthropy and tax credit route: a quick google says theres a petting zoo outside Denver called " Lil Buckaroo’s Petting Zoo"
maybe your boss donates it to them for feed and he can write off the value for tax purposes.