Finally Sour diesel THCA flower

After several months of searching for the real deal, fire sour diesel I finally got it!
Got the old-school Skunky Pine-Sol like I was looking for. So many people have pitch me the so-called real deal. Sour diesel only be disappointed. As a sour diesel budhound I traveled around the country and very rarely was I impressed.

Even test below .3% Delta nine THC!
Anybody else loves the old-school fuel
I got a few ounces for $200 an ounce


Everything tests below .3 d9 at that lab tho.


seems like the right hemp lab to use then… LOL


Still more d9 analytics than willbilly ever posted

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My bad looks legit. Idk about the neighbors tho lol


I think 2002b has the better testing facility.

Dude out front is the official GC.


It’s not sour d dude. It’s some weird hemp that was field crossed and just has dogshit d9.

Wait is it what I’m seeing? 30% THC sour d? Did you mean that was the test result from the sale of .3 THC claimed product?

@TheWillBilly is 100% in a addiction right now. It’s not a good sight for him lately. He’s been riding the edge of sanity and playing a games with clients in the industry. That and spending his life savings on hookers.

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Damn Connor, was wondering where you been?

I’m a slave on some farms during the summer season. I have to earn the trim contracts with sweat equity.

You sir are a moron

The COA shows 27% THC

Yes, it’s fucking weed….


Grown indoor under the right conditions, cool slow dried at 55, and cured at 55 In dark everything done right roughly 50% Of the test pop over .3%
D9 Pre-decarboxylation

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$200 ships out no later than Tuesday


:joy: “Food and Environment Safety Analytical Lab” isn’t the most convincing name- sort of like “Vehicles such as Cars and Trucks Tire Shop”