Finally got some "stable" consistency

First of I just want to say thank you to everyone who post here, i wouldn’t have made it this “far” without everyones help, but i still got a long way to go!

Just wanted to showoff my latest run because its the best consistency ive ever gotten.
I make all my runs on morrocan hash by the way.

Just to show you what i come from, this is how my old runs used to look like (extracted with acetone & purged on the stove with water bath, didnt have vac oven at the time lol)

Looks like crap and it stick to everything, i threw that one out.

This is what i got now, extracted with ISO (a lot better solvent imo)

After purging the first time and scraping it up (@ 25C):

After purging a second time with vac @ 29C:

And third time (with vac @ 29C), where i am now:

And thats it, rn im letting it chill in the oven at 33C with no vac.
Its a bit dry though so not sure if i can get it into any other consistency, i was going for crumble but this works aswell i guess, if anyone has any tips i’d be happy to hear them!

U should food grade pure alcohol like everclear 190 proof for better product. Iso is gross imo


A very wise graywolf told me many years ago. Iso is great for everything but smoking. Use ethanol for the smokable extracts.


Pour ISO on SS and let the alchohol evaporate. What’s left is what you combust and inhale.


Look into carbon scrubbing your tincture; a buchner funnel would be an excellent investment. I’d run it somewhat similar to this;

Chill your ethanol with dry ice; but dont put the dry ice into the ethanol; chill the vessel.

Extract with chilled ethanol; strain/filter biomass out of tincture.

Take this tincture; allow to warm up to room temp; add activated carbon powder to the solution; you dont need much; maybe a table spoon or two for a larger mason jar;

stir vigorously and heat the solution via water bath to 40c continue stirring for a while.

Allow the carbon to settle to the bottom; filter this solution via buchner; make sure the filtrate is free of carbon before proceeding to solvent recovery.

Purge it.
Smoke it.


What is SS if i may ask?

@RockSteady & @Demontrich
I cant seem to get hold of ethanol at the moment, can’t find any seller that ships to my country on amazon or ebay lol.
And they don’t seem to sell it dominestic :frowning:

Are you local to 586/313/248?

Food grade or denatured?

Im not in USA if thats what you are asking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im looking for food grade but this is the only thing i found atm, close to my country atleast :man_facepalming:


yeah im fairly sure you don’t want bitterex in your product. Are molecular seive beads available in your country? If so you could use them to reproof lower proof ethanol


You dont have a liquor store? Or ebay?

190 proof corn alcohol, 200proof will work also

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I cant find 190 or 200proof in the stores, will check ebay again tonight and hope for some luck.

I will take a look but im not really keen to reproof anything since i would need to buy some more gear for that, will just keep looking for better ethanol or 190/200 proof alcohol :frowning:

Sometimes i wish i could just get some shit from US fast lol

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so you’re currently planning on throwing your solvent away when you’re done?

the gear for reproofing and “recovering” are pretty damn similar…

Edit: or maybe Proof up Beads and a toaster oven


that slab dosent look any good to me :frowning: unfortunately… as I really don’t like my own iso morocc extract… and it looks waaaaay better imo …

I think you have to read up a bit, do some more runs to compare :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was willing to try acetone, but now I think I mos def will stay out of it… iso is ok to do I kind of edible/tincure rso slab/oil… imo.

I real want morocc to be sucsefull, as it is often much higher purity than flower.

if I will try again it will be with QUICK with COLD ehto…

the best result I have gotten is with butane… but yield was way to low compared… wird… but many I will attempt it again.

best wishes!