"Filtration Station"

So I’ve been messing around with trying to get an all in one (AIO) filtration station for my bucket-tek mixture.

So my AIO idea is it starts with doing a cryo-etoh wash via bucket-tek. Then that gets placed in a dewaxing column which Cryo-winterizes the mixture. After about 1 ~ 2 hours the mixture gets pushed thru the column thru a 10Micron filter into another column containing A.C. and filtered at 5 microns. Finally being pushed thru celite/d.e. and filtered @ 2 microns.

Would this be a good idea?

Or would putting two columns containing the two separate filter media and filters under the dewaxing column be better?

Believe it or not youll get better performance allowing the alcohol to sit and clump up over a few hours then doing room temp filter before winterizing.

So is a horizontal setup for filtering better than having two spools under the dewaxing colum with filter media in them?