Filtering Crude Pore Sizes

I’ve realized after a good while that it requires filtering atleast 3-4 minimum after winterizing and carbon scrubbing before you can get flawless clear yellow distillate on a first pass which also doesnt turn dark after putting in carts. However I’m curious as to the filtering size and which one is the most efficient. I hear 0.45 microns is the most efficient anyone have experience with this size? What would be the minimum pore size and how many filtration do you guys usually use?

I have to disagree. As the reigning spd unicorn, I do NOT winterize (cryo etoh wash). I dont use any fancy color correcting powder either. Just a filter thru a bed of celite 545, rotovap, purge, decarb, and 1st pass on chinese gear. 90%+ the last 5 runs. Always liquid gold!

As far as your carts turning black, it’s from the ahit cart type your using. Search heavy metal leaching for more info.


Is there anyway you can get standalone cartridges sampled for testing, its really funny you say that because some cartridges dont turn brown they stay the same color. I had the distillate sitting in my fridge for over a month completely clear it wasnt till I put them in carts they started to change color a bit.

Oxidation can cause a “red ring” at the surface of the distillate in the carts. Air exposure can cause this. If it turns all dark, your carts are bunk.

Do you have a pic?


It’s not a red ring it’s just slightly brown other stay completely fine

Not sure. Do you make it or source it? The bottom pic looks like some tails mixed with mains. Or wasnt vac sealed properly.

The top pic the color looks ok, just a bit of a haze.

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A great way to pimp distillates
Is filtering treu magsil or Florisil
In pentane or butane as a solvent

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Here’s a better picture of one, they look completely fine some stay clear and others end up really dark.

I use heptane as a solvent, alot of people say they have residual aroma but I’ve never had any kind of issue. As long as you properly purge you will never have any issues.

Is it with all of them or only certain flavors? I only do 1 room temp thru a 10 micron over a 3 micron and then freeze 24 hrs and refilter with 4 micron above a 1 micron and a bed of celite. I have noticed some terps oxidize faster in the distilate

It’s really random, I tried 3 different terpene flavors, I have reason to believe it’s from the cartridges themselves I literally had the batch of distallate in a flask with cling wrap for over a month in my fridge it stayed completely clear. Wasnt till I filled it in those carts

Oxidation is your issue