Filling capsules with RSO

So I’m planning on making a 30 Day Supply of RSO but I want to make them into capsules. I was planning on getting a BVV Cartridge Filling Gun to fill capsules with RSO. Is there any other way that’s better? Is this the best budget option? What temp would I set the gun to?

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Do you have a good way to evaporate solvent? I prefer to powder fill capsules so that they don’t leak. Before recovering the solvent from your extraction mix in a bunch of magnesium stearate or similar binder, evap your solvent off, then crush it up and fill as a powder.


Buy a box of blunt tip syringes off anazon for $10 and have a few 100 and dont waste your money on some fancy gun you could use an eye dropper


Fuck I hit order on Amazon. Well now I have the bvv one coming in. Lol what temp should I set it for?

Cart farmer…
Assuming it could handle rso
For “one time use” I have used shitty dispensing syringes off Amazon without any issues


People use the cart farmer to measure out shatters and waxes too… it blew my mind that I never thought of that. You can get a perfect dispense of shatter every time, with less loss and no contamination.


Well the cart filler is coming in today. What temps would you guys recommend to get the rso mobile enough to be pushed into capsules?

We need to see your crude before we can advise on temp.

I would mix it with MCT oil to thin it out.


So I would mix it with the rso pre-RotoVap? What ratios would I use?

What we do is calculate based on pre testing (guessing?) At the content of the oil. Then calculate how much oil we need per capsule to get the dosage we want per capsule. We figure out how many capsules we’re making, usually based on how much oil we have. Then we fill the caps with the Mg Stearate dry and weigh them to see how much powder they hold. Multiply that much by how many caps and you know how much oil and how much binder you need. Then you just need enough solvent to get a good dilution (we do about 2:1 hep:oil). Bing bam boom


I’ve used Firma Oil. It absorbs feco oil into powder much more efficiently than Mag Serate. It’ll turn most oil into powder.