Fiending for a FREEZE DRYER! Please Sell Me Your Large Pharma Harvest Right

Had 2 companies take my money recently for a large harvest right pharmaceutical freeze dryer.

Then after a couple days they both said they sold it out from under me and were giving me a refund.

I’m in a tight spot 5 weeks away from launch and lead time is now 8 to 12 weeks from the manufacturer.

Does anybody anywhere have one that they would be willing to sell?

Please let me know ASAP and you will be my hero!

I will toss in a bonus SOP on mechanical separation, jam tech, solventless cart prep or any other solventless SOP in my files if someone is willing to part with one :pray:

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Try Supply Co in Portland ME. They had a large regular one in stock like 6 days ago…


Need the pharma model but appreciate it :100: :pray:

Cant you just flash the firmware?


Same interior and exterior dimensions so just swap 5 tray for 8 tray rack and flash firmware and voila…a large pharma model appears

Thanks for reminding me @anon94533769