Fiber Based Purification?


Anybody familiar with this group?

They claim to be isolating individual cannabinoids in crystalline form at 1000kg daily scale. Including unusual ones like CBDA.

They definitely did not want to explain how their instrumentation works on their website but I did find the patents and it appears to use an interesting form of countercurrent LLE, in which one phase is guided along saturated fibers while the surrounding phase goes around them, giving great surface area exchange without emulsion. It seems to be a pretty new technology.


My head hurts from all the buzz words. If they are looking for venture capital they’ll probably get it with a deck that says “highest purity bestest extract purified highest quality cannabinoids” in 35 different ways.

“Purity from 75%-95%” based on how much money you want to spend…isnt that what we do now???

The technique could be super useful but as soon as the cat is out of the bag I’m sure most folks here could improve it.


Holy shit that made me laugh. Needed that.


Sounds a lot like this thing.


Yeah I know the website is a load of crap with no real information on it. However I gathered after some googling that this group is based on the work of a Dr. John Massingill, who has many patents for applications of this fiber based LLE. Examples:

I think the idea itself is pretty intriguing and plausible. Besides chromatography LLE is the only generic solution anyone’s posted here for separating cannabinoids at high purity, and this is one of the better whacks i’ve seen at a scalable system for that.

As far as the comparison to Ecosce they’re both pretty new technologies (~10 years in industry). I’ve been very excited about the membrane systems for a while. This on the other hand I only heard about today.