What kind of FIBC or grain bags do you use for bulk hemp storage? I don’t think I’ve seen that addressed here.

I’ve just been using these secbolt bags from amazon. I really like the style but the brand kind of sucks, already had a few bags rip holes on the sides. I wish more farmers would go directly into these style bags because it makes shipping/receiving a lot easier when I don’t have to go through a million totes or garbage bags. I can get about 500lbs of milled material in each one and they are easy to move around on pallets.

Thanks @Montroller! Have you used the ones with a funnel bottom? How hard is it to transfer material out of the bag?

I haven’t used the funnel bottom because we don’t have a forklift yet. The next plan is to get the bags that have a discharge spout and a flap then dump those straight into the hopper for milling. Right now we are just using a scoop shovel to get it out of those bags into our extraction bags but I can already tell we will have issues with residual material clinging to the walls. Right now we are losing less than 1% to the walls even when it’s packed full of milled material but those numbers will add up eventually.

I’ve talked to a company (Can I post the company here? not sure about the forum rules on that. I can DM you if not.) and they offer a one mil coating adhered to the fabric. Do you think that would help with the residual material adhering to the walls?

Ive got a company making a custom designed one for hemp products (Extra tall and ventilated). Will advise on availability.

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