Fertilizer injector

What injectors are you all using to add nutrients to your garden?



Lol I was just about to post their video. Im low on funds How do the 150$ knock offs on Amazon compare?

I hate Amazon :unamused:


Not accurate but they work, so if ur injecting something with low EC, like compost teas or whatnot, it will work.
If its an indoor setup, just go with dositron


I hear ya bro

A inline pump, tee, and ball valves you can create a doser.

Dont forget the one way valve lol


Cool thank you for the advice and when you say low ec could you please elaborate? I plant on adding 100ppm to my lines regularly and once a week a higher does of nutrients around 700 ppm And the dosage does not have to be 100% accurate as long as it stays consistent once set.

Ya I looked at those verterie funnel or whatever they are called like a water asperator but i read they only work on high psi and not at all if your irrigation line is long and has turns .

I saw an aeroponic garden with a Rythm doser in Southern OR. They said it’s for sale, no use.
Thought it was really cool and complicated enough to grab a pic and let everyone know it’s up for grabs.

Otherwise I’ve only seen Dositrons, if that.

All depends on what your mixing. If your pulling from multiple concentrate supply tanks the dosatron is your best bet. But if you already mixed all nutes in a reservoir or like a compost tea and just need to dilute with water to feed you could use a siphon injector. Very cheap and pretty accurate.

I havnt ran them yet but check out @heainjectors on insta ie Anderson injectors. Materials used are much more ideal

Mazzei venturi injectors are in the 150 or less. You’d want to order the flow meter with it to measure uptake. That’s the cheaper side of the injection life versus the dosi s. If you had the pesos I’d fall in line and say dosatrons.

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Edit: It’s worth noting that injectors are finicky. We have to constantly tinker and clean them, the o rings wear quickly and if something is a miss your ppm will be off.

I have moved towards using pumps and mixing our fert in tanks so we know exactly what ppm’s are being distributed.


Seems like the dosatron is the most popular here. I remember @BG305 went with them over dosmatic, but can’t remember why. Dosmatics always worked well in the greenhouses I used to work in. Anyone here had a chance to work with both?

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I think ima buy a knock off dosetron. They have been around for 40years and their patent has expired so the knick offs use the same design . Thanks to everyone for the quick response really appreciate it I’m trying to have the best veggie garden this year


The Chinese Alibaba or AliExpress ones are junk they break easy certainly not commercial quality like dosatron. GatorXL I think is more reliable than the dosatrons and better built at the same time they’re at least half the cost. I run aquablend injectors myself they have been great so far


Food to know i will definitely check those out. I order the cheap one already. Im Only watering 4 raised beds so nothing crazy hopefully the cheap one will last the season. Them I can upgrade next year.

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Another cheap option would be a Mazzei venturi injector, not as precise as a dosatron but still reliable