Feminized seed seller..

I feel it is time for the industry to make a change. It will stop all the scammers out there selling shit products and out and out lies.

I bought seeds from a guy in Oregon last year…suppose to be special sauce seeds…99.2% feminized. Paid good money for them…real good money for a guy that bought 100’s of thousands of seeds. Seeds were all bullshit seeds…45% of my fields turned male…seeded the whole field no matter how fast we tried to get males out of the acreage. So we ended up with a seeded crop…but to make things even worse…as we know seeded flower produces less CBD…but the killer here is they had so much THC in them.

So I ended up with a product that takes 100lbs to make 1 kilo of winterized crude. With the following numbers:
48% CBD
17% THC
5.2% CBG

The guys name is Travis Luther from Oregon…he owns forcefield greenhouses…stay away…he screwed a ton of people this year. And is now hiding behind lawyers…pure piece of shit

Ok…back to my point. If there are any true feminized seed dealers that want to stand behind their product…I have come up with a solution to cover both farmer and seed seller. Seed seller can make more money per seed…and farmer can make sure he is partly covered for bad seeds.

We always talk on here about taking care of each other…but until we all work together we will be splinters of the big stick that is coming into this industry…(huge corporate is coming…and they will have 100s of millions to invest) I have experience in a business that had the same thing happen to it the last 3 years…it was better for little guy when it was in grey area.

Anyway…any seed guys that want to be honest and work honest…we can make some money together.


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That sucks my bro, I’m sorry to hear this. Maybe a good section here would be a positive / negative experience with people / companies in the industry. There is a website or service in Miami that I have heard the radio that’s does this, I think it’s called Angie’s.