Feminized Pollen

Does anyone have any knowledge/experience in using feminized pollen in order to produce seed?

Search dusting cannabis for feminized seeds. If you’d like I have a grower avaliable for consultation too.

Thank you, I am curious if this is available here in the States from a reputable seller? This would be for hemp and not the left handed variety.

I’m sure as long as you can provide me with your proof of legal permits & license I can source you that pollen.

That I can do.

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Go ahead & dm I’ll send my email

It will be tonight. My copies of the permits I carry with me are in my truck getting inspection at the shop. I will copy them tonight or tomorrow and send you a copy. Thanks for the help!

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No worries I’ll get y’all set!

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Do u have a good STS formula?

No my formula it’s my growers I work with. He has a feminizing program he runs.

Having him write his sop & I’ll have mine avaliable as well, just talked in the phone, I didn’t realize I had this written down already :joy: but anyone who wants a feminizing program & hands on teaching DM I’m your guy!

& yes I do have the silver formulation

Hi there, I am a licensed hemp grower in Colorado. What strains of feminized pollen do have access to? How much does it cost? Would really like to raise my own seed for next season :grin:

Don’t have access to any current pollen, but can teach you to make you own.