Feminized CBD Seeds...Cons?

Again, novice question, here, but looking for opinions on the cons feminized CBD seed.

The benefits seem rather obvious, but the are there any risks in the finished product? Is colloidal silver how most feminized seeds are produced, and will colloidal silver end up in the mature plant in the end? Is the silver the biggest con, if at all, or are the risks of stress during production a bigger consideration? Particularly for plants grown outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Or is this a bigger moral debate on cannabis reproduction?
Thanks and Happy New Year!!

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The collodial silver does not cross to the seed/plant No Harm there
No stress in the plant either but i am sure @Raindust can chime in
For a more in depth explanation

The chem process has no effects testing wise. Some fem seed strains are very nice. But they are not as strong as a non fem natural seed. There will always be some males in all fem seeds also. And depending on the breeding method they can pick up some strange quirks. Your final product will be fine.

Can you still extract the oil from a plant that’s been sprayed with it?


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